Family Meetings:

How & Why They're Important

Thu, Oct 25th | 12:00 PM CT

With Jimmy & Irene Rollins

Having a regular time to sit down with your family, sharing openly and honestly, is not only important, but it's also vital and healthy. Join us for a live workshop with Jimmy & Irene Rollins as they share how to start and set up a regular family meeting and why these meetings are important. They'll talk about what to do and what not to do. Join us as we all learn how to make our families stronger.


Oct 25th, 2022 | 12:00PM CT

Mark your calendars & learn how to set up a regular family meeting.

Live Online Workshop

Practical tips on how to start, set up, and run a regular family meeting.

Q&A Session

Ask Jimmy & Irene questions about how to build healthy families.

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Jimmy & Irene Rollins

Jimmy and Irene are passionate about ministry but even more passionate about marriage and family. These two passions have now come together as the ministry of TWO=ONE with a mission for building healthy marriages that result in healthy families that impact our communities for the better.

In over 22 years of marriage, they've navigated the many difficulties in their relationship including food and alcohol addiction, family dysfunction, and communication issues. According to society’s standards, this would have been an equation for divorce. They tried balancing ministry and family but in 2015 this balancing act became too much for two broken individuals to manage. It was time to get help and pursue the healing they desperately needed.

Two Equals One Podcast

A New Podcast from Jimmy & Irene! Watch this free episode. Watch the full story with an XO Now subscription or listen to the podcast for free here.