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Give The Gift of Happily Ever-After

This Christmas, give someone you love unlimited access to hundreds of classes and videos that will help them grow closer to their spouse.


Newly Updated XO Now Gift Cards

Great new features just in time for Christmas!

1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months, 1 Year

Easily decide how many months of XO Now to give. Select the subscription plan and then decide how many months/years you want to give.

Deliver the Gift Card to Their Email

You can now easily send an XO Now gift card directly to the email of the person/couple you're giving it to.

Send It Christmas Morning

Schedule the Gift Card to arrive on Christmas Morning! Finally, you're now able to click "Send Later" to send them the card on a specific date and time.

Say, "Merry Christmas"

to your friends & family with an XO Now Gift Card.


Happily Ever-learning

Hundreds of classes and videos to help you grow closer to your spouse. Learn with Jimmy Evans, Bianca Olthoff, Jefferson Bethke, Dr. Les Parrott, and other marriage teachers who share openly about their own struggles and experiences.

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